And last week Friday, the Prime Minister met with the Belmopan Churches to discuss the Gender Policy. Itís created a great deal of furor among some Christian sects because of the interpretation that it seems to be mainstreaming homosexuality. But the Prime Minister says heís willing to bend but not bow: he will not rescind the policy:Ö

Hon. Dean Barrow - Prime Minister of Belize
"I reiterated my position - I will not withdraw the Gender Policy but as I have said repeatedly to the extent that there is terminology used, to the extent that there are wordings, language formulations that are being misunderstood that are subject to misinterpretation - the government is perfectly willing to sit with the churches and rework the language in order to put matters beyond any doubt. Already there were three such formulations that we agreed could be reworked. We made some progress on Friday against the backdrop of my insistence and I believe the acceptance of the part of the churches that there will be no withdrawal of the policy."

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