This Week's Stories:

  • Jarod “Steel Bob” Lamb Finally Captured:
    Jarod “Steel Bob” Arthurs Lamb has been on the San Ignacio police’s most wanted list since the January 2013 home invasion/murder of Belizean businessman Steven Valencia in his Loma Luz Boulevard home in Santa Elena, Cayo. Lamb, who had managed to evade the police for over five months while committing more crimes, was today caught off guard when Belmopan police was alerted of his location. San Ignacio police informed that Lamb, 25, Belizean laborer of Ontario village in the Cayo district was captured in neighboring Camalote village. He was escorted to the Belmopan police station where he is to face charges for crimes he is accused of committing in that area.
  • BECOL Warning System Failed:
    Reliable reports reaching us indicates that the Tuesday, June 4, 2013, planned testing of BECOL’s early warning system, in the event of a dam break, failed. The rather embarrassing incident reportedly occurred in the presence of representatives from the National Emergency Management Organization and from the Department of the Environment both legally charged with overseeing such exercises. The system at San Ignacio fire station failed as well as the one located at Black Rock Resort. The siren was to have blasted seven times for three consecutive minutes at three minute intervals none of which reportedly occurred. The failure now begs the question: Is BECOL really prepared to issue the relevant warning in the event of a dam break, or will residences in the destructive path of the dam feel before they hear the warning?
  • Hon Rene Montero - Delivering On His Promises:
    2013: In fulfilling his manifesto promise to support young athletes in Cayo Central, Minister of Works and Transport, Hon Rene Montero, today handed over a thousand dollar check to the captain of the Georgeville football team. The donation explained the coach could not have come at a better time as the Georgeville football team is preparing to play, in Georgeville, a friendly match against a Guatemalan team. The coach is asking villagers from Georgeville and surrounding communities to come out and support their team. As works continue to progress in the village, with the upgrading of streets, refurbishing of the community center and support for the feeding program in the village primary school, Minister Montero pledged to continue supporting the community and the entire Cayo Central constituency.
  • St. Andrews Excels In PSE:
    Bernice York Institute of Learning is this year’s top PSE student, the management and staff St. Andrews Anglican Primary School in San Ignacio are proud to have produced the next two top students in the Primary School Examination (PSE). St. Andrews Primary School’s Vincent Hulse and Nelson Esteban tied for 2nd place both receiving perfect scores in Math and Science finishing the examinations with an astounding 386 points out of a possible 400. Other top PSE St. Andrews School students are Alain Morris and Zahara Zul who both tied in 6th place.
  • Evangelism In Politics:
    When televangelist Silas Malafaia gathered 40,000 followers outside Brazil's congress this week, it wasn't just to raise their arms to the sky and praise the Lord. The rally was a show of support for lawmakers who oppose abortion and same-sex marriage and a message to other politicians that they should not ignore Brazil's fast-growing evangelical churches if they want to stay in office. "Gay activism is moral garbage," Malafaia roared into the microphone to a cheering crowd on the grassy esplanade of the Brazilian capital. "Satan will not destroy our family values."
  • Belizeans In The United States And Abroad Agressively Demanding Full Citizenship Rights In Their Homeland:
    By: Wellington C. Ramos When the Government of Belize started the debate to educate Belizeans throughout the country on the Referendum Initiative to take the Belize-Guatemala territorial dispute to the International Court of Justice (I.C.J.), many Belizeans in the United States and Belize became insecure about their current citizenship status. Since the 1980’s the Government of Belize has been granting citizenship status to many Guatemalans who entered the country illegally. These citizens now have the right to vote, run for political office and become the Prime Minister of Belize. While, the Belizeans who were born in Belize and became citizens of the United States and other countries, are not entitled to these same fundamental rights unless they renounce the citizenships of their new countries.
  • Response to Briceno’s letter on behalf of Fortis:
    Contributed by: Candy Gonzalez Mr. Briceno penned a Letter to the Editor that Fortis, Inc. used in a full page ad as part of their attempt to quash any objections to their purchase of C.H. Energy, in upstate New York. One of the letters opposing the takeover was from Robert Kennedy, Jr., who spoke of Fortis’ record in Belize. Briceno felt “compelled to correct the errors in the commentary and present your readers with an accurate account of the developments that took place under my watch”. Unfortunately, his “accurate account” is about as accurate as his pronouncements back in 1999-2008. One has to wonder if Mr. Briceno even wrote this letter. The reason I say this is because he refers to the NEAC as the “National Environmental Assessment Committee.” The NEAC reviews all Environmental Impact Assessments. The Department of Environment was part of Briceno’s portfolio, Wouldn’t he know the NEAC stands for the “National Environmental Appraisal Committee”?
  • Belize Embassy in Washington Raises funds for the Inspiration Center:
    The Embassy of Belize in Washington has raised US$60,000 for the Inspiration Center. His Excellency, Ambassador Nestor Mendez, who is visiting Belize, handed over the cheque to the Special Envoy for Women and Children, Mrs. Kim Simplis Barrow on Tuesday. The donation is the proceeds of several fundraising events hosted in Washington between October 2011 and May 2013. The majority of the funds were raised at a hugely successful gala on February 16th, 2013, which brought in over US$40,000. Mrs. Barrow is extremely grateful to Ambassador Mendez and his team for their hard work and dedication as well as the Belizean diaspora in Washington for supporting the important cause of providing a safe, inclusive environment for children with disabilitiesto access much needed services.
  • Fuego Bar and Grill- At The New Cayo Welcome Center:
    After a barrage of photos and tempting advertisements promising the latest and greatest “elevated Belizean street cuisine” I was excited to attend the tasting preview for Fuego Bar and Grill this past Monday. Fuego made a great first impression as I stepped up the sidewalk of the new Welcome Center into the patio area with simple clean edges and clever little flairs of style making their appearance as drinks we served and dishes popped out of the kitchen. The interior of the restaurant continued to warm the taste buds with oversized photos of the local market and glowing lamps dangling over the bar illuminating Leo Arguelles and his team of Mixologists as they blended and twisted to keep up with thirsty tasters. Trays of tiny little treats began to make their way out of the kitchen window where I could see Chef Jesse Mas was in his element constantly smiling and making sure every morsel was up to his standard. Each dish that was served was unique and enticing and well prepared. The tastes were a brilliant mix of local flavor and international styling.
  • National Gender Policy Issue What’s The Fuss? Part 1:
    On May 17th, news broke about the new Revised National Gender Policy developed by the National Women’s Commission, and the INCLUSION OF SEXUAL ORIENTATION into the Gender Policy. Turns out that Caleb Orozco and UNIBAM were actively brought into the process of CREATING the new Gender Policy, and that this Policy was already APPROVED BY CABINET IN MARCH!! Now hold on a minute!! You trying to tell us that while Govt was fighting UNIBAM with one hand in Court, they had ALREADY APPROVED a Gender Policy months before, and UNIBAM helped draft it and it includes the homosexual agenda? How can this be?
  • Official Results of the June 9th Village Council Elections:
  • Santa Elena Primary School Receives Much Needed Assistance:
    The Infant one and two students of Santa Elena Primary School have been housed in two trailer home classrooms for the past ten years. The classrooms have since deteriorated considerably, with one of the major problems being the flooring of the buildings. We have echoed these sentiments to our community and other stakeholders at every opportunity we get, but to no avail. The cries of our teachers reached the ears of Mr. Richard Zul and Lucille Sosa who visited our school and saw the urgent need for the repairs of the floor and immediately contacted their partner, Mr. Robert Trausch who has been bringing teams to Belize for the past years to do voluntary services in various communities. Proactive, retired couple, Gary and Jerry Dennis, heard about the plans to renovate the floorings at SEPS and assisted Mr. Zul with the ground work before the arrival of the main team. Hence, the students from Nederland High School in Colorado have spent the last week under the guidance of their teacher Ms. Lorie Kinczel working on the flooring of three much needed classrooms.
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