A tropical disturbance moving from the western Caribbean toward southeastern Mexico has become Tropical Depression Two.

The system will unleash torrential rainfall and the potential for flooding and mudslides in the region. There is a chance the system becomes Tropical Storm Barry before reaching mainland Mexico at midweek.

Tropical downpours from northern Nicaragua and northern Honduras and Belize to southeastern Mexico can easily produce several inches of rain in a short amount of time.

Two-day rainfall, as of Monday morning, in Honduras includes 5.64 inches in La Ceiba and 4.26 inches in Trujillo.

Proximity to land (less than 60 miles) is expected to limit much development before it reaches Belize Monday afternoon. However, plenty of warm water on either side of the peninsula is available to the system and may sustain it somewhat after making landfall.

This enhanced satellite image shows Tropical Depression Two approaching Belize as of Monday midday, June 17, 2013.