8:12 AM update - Mata Grande and Spanish Reef Areas ....

Tide was low and one could pass safely on bikes and presumably on cart from Barrier Reef to Spanish Reef - at that point it was best to take the "short cut" just south of Iguana House and then join up with the Mata Grande road.
Mata Grande Road from Lot 1 - 19 has some puddles but no real flooding and the road is very passable.
Beach erosion noticeable all along the way - lots of seagrass on beaches as well. Packing the seagrass against the eroded slopes will be a good start at rebuilding the these areas.
Frankly I thought it would look a lot worse than it does. Clean up shouldn't take more than a day or two.
I did not take the camera for condition photos because of rain. Hopefully Elbert has his waterproof one and can take pics to share.