Keeping One Step Ahead of the Storm

It is hard to believe what a mess we got from "just" a tropical depression! The storm that hit Belize on Monday, June 17, 2013, could not by any words be described as a little one. Just because the storm is not classified a hurricane it does not make it a small tropical squall. I do believe that we do take it for granted that these ‘no named’ storms will just pass us by with rain.

There have been other tropical depressions and tropical storms that have caught us off guard in the past. Have we learned from them? Indeed we have. We’ve learned what to expect, how to prepare, where to take shelter, where to secure our boats and which homes will withstand stronger hurricanes. We have learned that we can batten down the hatches and fair through a big storm if, and only if, we are prepared and take the precautionary steps to stay safe.

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From Diane...

The northern cayes of Belize had a lot of rain from TD2, and winds in gusting around 45 MPH.

Sea level was high, but the waves themselves were not so dramatic. Some beach erosion, and lots of seagrass/logs/etc on the beaches. San Pedro Town Council called out a volunteer work party yesterday and as of this morning the beaches in San Pedro town area are all clean and nice.

Boats from Belize City have resumed their runs and school is open.

Southern Mainland Beize is having flood issues but water is going down pretty quickly. They got 10" of rain in 24 hours in some areas.

Not sure how many inches of rain we had on Ambergris Caye but my cistern went up 7" and is nearly full. Feeling pretty smug about the water-storage part.

Today we have gray skies, off and on rain. Thunder this morning. Looks like the rest of the week will be soggy too.

Lobsterfest appears to be successful despite the weather! If you can't dive, you can still eat, drink and dance.

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