"Things are not always as they seem" ??????
what does that mean?
I've spent a month at P.A.W. with Madi for 3 years. The description on the post from Marty is totally accurate. Madi works non-stop giving those cats the best life she can give them. They would all be dead if not for her self-less devotion. The Sanctuary is clean, no 'animals odors', the cats are healthy, well-cared for, have ample room to play, and in addition, also get 'outdoor time'. What he did not mention was the work that Madi does with the school children, the assistance she provides to some locals when they have issues with their animals, and the spay and neuter clinics that she also organizes. All of this with no support from the 'Community', nor the local Humane Society. She relies on income from her rentals and donations to fund the Sanctuary. If you are compassionate and love animals you will enjoy your stay there ... and you will be supporting a wonderful cause. If you can't visit, any donations are greatly appreciated...and needed.