Damages From TD2 Assessed In Southern Belize

The assessment of damages caused by tropical depression number two has begun. We hear more in this report from our Dangriga correspondent Harry Arzu.


“Officials from the National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO) Stann Creek branch have completed a comprehensive damage exercise on the communities that were affected by flood waters associated with tropical depression #2. Earlier this week the depression passed over Belize and caused tremendous damages to the Stann Creek District. Here is the Chairperson of NEMO, Stann Creek Mayor, Gilbert Swazo.”


“The damage assessment was concluded yesterday and a total assessed damage of $338, 275.00 was assessed. This assessment was carried out by four teams that were deployed; one team was deployed to the area of Mullins River; one to Sarawee; one to Hope Creek and then one to Dangriga. The damage assessed excluded the culvert and the bridge at the Coastal Road. The total assessed damage in Hope Creek and Mullins River were mostly household items totaling $68,000; the agricultural damage that was assessed was noted in Sarawee, Hope Creek, Mullins River and Red Bank totaling $32, 775 and this included damage to cassava plantation, plantain, hot peppers, chickens and over a thousand tilapia. In Dangriga it was noted that there was substantial infrastructural damage to the roads which totaled to over $200,000. So, again I must commend the damage assessment team that went out to conduct these assessments and we are certainly grateful for the job that they have done throughout the impact of the TD Storm. I must also mention that public health have conducted a survey of the water system here in Dangriga and have deemed it safe for the public to consume. All these assessed damage has been forward to NEMO and we are awaiting the response from NEMO in relation to how these will be disbursed.”


“What is your advice to residents now that we have survived this storm knowing that we are in the early stage of the hurricane season?”


“This storm certainly has given us an opportunity to demonstrate to the people within the Stann Creek District and Dangriga proper that we need to remain vigilant and to listen to official NEMO advisory and we must remain prepared because as it is early and it is assessed that we will have an above average season, we must remain vigilant and be prepared to exercise our family plan and our operational subcommittee plan. So, let us be vigilant and cooperate with the official advisory as distributed by NEMO whenever that occurs.”