From a Wisconsin paper; link below content.

Having recently returned from four days in San Pedro on an island off the coast of Belize to attend my son's wedding, I offer 10 ways the Central America locale compares and contrasts with Eau Claire.
1. Their roads make Brackett Avenue look like the Autobahn.
2. You can get soaked from sweat just counting to 10 ... at 7 a.m.
3. You can drink any beer you want, as long as its Belikin, "The Beer of Belize."
4. The airport restroom has a sign that reads, "Don't flush the toilet with your feet ... this bathroom is cleaned regularly." So I flushed the toilet the conventional way, quickly washed my hands ... and found the paper towel dispenser empty.
5. I can see where sitting in a swimming pool overlooking the Caribbean would beat shoveling snow in January.
6. If my workplace ran on "Island Time," we'd never get the paper out.
7. $20 for an eight-ounce lobster is probably cheaper than at Wisconsin Dells.
8. If you like to snorkel, just off San Pedro is the place to be.
9. You don't have to go far to get fresh coconut water. Same goes for wooden bowls, jewelry, T-shirts and fridge magnets.
10. Outdoor dining is never out of season, and neither are stray dogs.