Original Lobster Fest

Nowadays, it seems like every major tourist destination has a lobster fest but for the original, you’ve got to go to Caye Caulker.

It is a major festival, and a boost in revenue for the island and 7News went out to see how the event looked.

We also got a chance to ask the participants if they were enjoying their lobster dishes.

Juan Garoy - Representative, Madisco
"Today's special we're having the Caribbean Rum Coolers and we have them in three different flavors - Rum Mango, Rum Punch and Coco Pina."

"Why do you think people must stop here and sample some of these products?"

Juan Garoy
"Well it's for the climate right now and you need a cooler then you need to try a Caribbean Cooler."

Celina Rodriguez - Chef
"We have the garlic butter lobster, creole lobster and the curry coconut lobster today."

"What does this go with?"

Celina Rodriguez
"Coconut Rice and Beans and homemade tasty coleslaw."

"You're enjoying the lobster - in fact you have enjoyed the lobster. What did you get?"

"Grilled Lobster with coleslaw and rice and beans."

"I'm certain you can tell us what the flavor is behind that lobster."



"Tell us - what are you having?"

"Lobster man! The whole lobster, this is the first one and they will be many more."

Marlon - Chef
"Right now I'm grilling some lobster for inside there because right now everybody is after lobster from yesterday."

Raul Young - Councilor, Caye Caulker Village Council
"The lobster fest everything is just local mostly based with lobster and a lot of food out here."

Neal Bradley - Member, Lobster Fest Committee
"We started Lobster Fest with the appearance of Lord Rhaburn, he did an appearance this morning for about an hour and we have Youth Connection band playing right now and later on we're going to have some games, greasy pole and then we're waiting for the guys to bring in lobster because we have a prize for the heaviest lobster."

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