Good Evening,
For those in need,I am offering my services.There may be unusual circumstances that need immediate attention.I am a semi retired executive in S.Arizona(Tucson)with nearly 30yrs. of flying experience..VFR/IFR(including SE Asia as an Naval Officer).I own a state of the art pressurized twin engine aircraft capable of carrying 5 adult passengers in relative comfort.There is no cost involved.However,the window of oppurtunity is narrow for such a trip.I am amateur Trop Wx Met. and T.S.Keith is still a potentially dangerous storm.NHC discussions are rather conflicted at this point.Therefore,I have charted 3 alternate flight routes to minimize an uncomfortable trip.The favored route would include Depart/TUCSON,AZ to Laredo,TX...then to Monterrey,MX./Tampico,MX./Veracruz,MX..At that point alternates would be Villahermosa on the SW Yucatan and Wx permitting a termination at Phillip Goldston Int'[email protected] fly to MX on a regular basis and am familiar with the Terrain/Language and essential requirements.Of course,it would be reqired that you be available to leave from Tucson no later than Fri./06Sept.Valid proof of I.D./Visas/passports are required.Although I am insured,Mexico reqires same from individuals as GenAv pssengers for overnight passage.This is relatively inexpensive and I will be happy to assist you.Carry on must be at a minimum(weight) more than 10lbs per.Again,this is for those with medical needs,children&parents who have limited or lost commercial itinerary.This is for serious inquiry only!If you are interested my e-mail is [email protected] will respond ASAP given the changing weather circumstances.Please,this is for serious responses ONLY!It is my way of giving back.I have been blessed with a wonderful family and I have the means now to help others.BTW,this is not for the faint of heart as you might imagine.God bless.Be well&safe.Arizwx_2000. P.S.Wx conditions may deteriorate rapidly and would render this a moot point...let's hope for the best.