NICK - Have you ever been NARCED?
Anytime you go below 80' you take a risk of being narced. Ive been narced a few times but fortunately had been trained to expect it.

Do you understand the reason to limit 'Open Water Certification"to 60'?

Every once in a while a new diver has good buoyancy control - but most don't. An uncontrolled ascent from 60' or less, while still dangerous, is not likely to be fatal.

I have taken fairly new divers to the Blue Hole but ONLY when they are right behind me and there was a very experienced diver behind them.

A person who has become a good friend did the hole when I first met her. At about 135' when we were 'ducking under the lip' she spotted some sharks down lower and decided to go pet them. Thankfully her husband (also a new diver) caught up with her at 200' and they both were able to come up.

It used to be that boats wouldn't take inexperienced divers out - now --- $$$ talk.

I don't know who has been giving you information but please listen to the people that may be saving your life.

Take only pictures leave only bubbles