Belize Waste Management Plan, A Regional Leader

And so, while all the garbage from the City only makes a temporary stop at the Transfer Station, its final destination is at the Mile 24 Regional Landfill.

It is a new facility, at which work has been ongoing for some time now, and today, it was officially opened.

We attended the ceremony, where there were several speakers who explained how the country’s garbage will be handled.

One of them, the representative from IDB, told the gathering that this landfill puts Belize ahead of all the other countries in the region when dealing with waste management.

Javier Grau Benaiges - Representative, IDB
"Prior to this project there were no sustainable landfills in Belize, however, with today's inauguration - approximately 50% of Belize's population will benefit from proper disposal in a modern sustainable landfill. This puts Belize at the head of other countries such as Nicaragua, Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago and the Dominican Republic and Belize. This is consistent with the master plan of Belize for 2013 - Belize is now solving one of its main constraints in tourism growth and until now the solid waste management has made an impact in Belize's perception as a country, however, this perception is now going to change."

Tomorrow, we’ll have an in-depth look at how the facility will actually work.

Channel 7