I'm the founder of Blue Hole Dive Center. I sold the business to Kent and Laurie two years ago. I agree with every word Kent says in his post. EVERY WORD. Those of you referred to in his post....his words to you might just as well have come from my mouth.

I thought I ran a pretty good business at BHDC, not perfect, but pretty good. I kept it for 8 years....stayed in business, did fairly well.

I can re-assure anyone who wants to dive with Blue Hole Dive Center that not only is it a much better operation than when I had it, but that Kent and Laurie are much nicer folk with TONS more diving experience than myself.

I did try running my own boats but soon realized that this was best left to local professionals....folk whose boats were their livlihoods. My boats stayed busy, but mentally for me they were a drain.

Of course, that was much better than spending hundreds of thousands of bucks on boats that are always tied to the dock. I would have HATED to be in that position because it looks rather silly.