Well, I got my dander up a bit. Sorry gang.

I believe that part of the problem here, (most particularly on this thread)is that right now things are *too* slow in SP. Even over the Xmas season, things were slow some days. A couple of days, even though the weather was good, still, I had to whine, look pathetic and beg other divers to sign up so that I could go dive. As much as they love me, some boats just won't go out with me as their *only* customer. [Linked Image]

I think it is a shame that people are hurting down there. These are the times that even the well-run, value added businesses may have trouble.

As Trina said, let's get out there and have some fun . . . and I'll add, let's spend some money and keep our much loved location in the black, whichever operator(s) you prefer.

Just my opinion, of course. Hmmm, would that make it my 504th opinion? At least! LOL

A fish and a bird can fall in love, but where will they build their nest?