Thanks to whomever posted this...
A little about me. I am Sandy Weaver, my husband Jeff and I moved to CC from Pittsburgh PA in March of this year with our 3 dogs. I was trained in Dog Grooming from Petsmart. They have a rigorous health and safety program for training that included 160 classroom hours and 3 months of hands on training where I had to complete 100 Standard Breed Grooms. Each groom was graded and I had to pass w 100 %. Breed cuts incluced everything from Standard Poodles to Golden Retievers to Schnauzers. It was fun and nerve wracking at the same time!
Prior to grooming we were in dog rescue and fostered over 200 dogs and puppies in our home. And in a galaxy far, far away I was a Technical Recruiter for an IT firm in Pittsburgh.
I would love the opportunity to groom your dogs. I do it because I just love dogs and the income I generate will help support my habit of feeding and caring for the island dogs and my husband!
PS. My SE Work Visa was approved and not difficult to obtain. I will post details on the process later.

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