Screen_shot_2013-09-17_at_8.03.43_PMIncessant rains have been pouring over Belize during the past couple of weeks due to several storms that have passed over the country.  Last week we brought to you the story of villagers of Douglas Village who were concerned about the rise in water of the river which had already flooded the yards and homes of several residents.  Well, it appears the river is still rising with the heavy rains that continue to fall with no stopping in the near future.

According to the Meteorological Service of Belize, the heavy rains that are is currently being experienced all over Belize is due to a slow moving area of low pressure over the northern part of the country.  This low pressure will cause constant rains over Belize and the Southern Yucatan.

Chief Meteorologist Dennis Gonguez of the National Meteorological Service says that Belizeans should expect a lot more rain.

Chief Meteorologist Dennis Gonguez

“There is a weak low pressure area sitting just over the northern part of the country and this system will continue to support the continuous rain during the course of today and most of those rains will be concentrated as I said over the northern sections of the country, with the rains continuing and the rivers rising there is a treat, there is a possibility of some flooding over the northern sections of the country as it is not expected to ease up for another twenty four hours so then we can see the rivers rising, we are just in the peak season of the hurricane season so we can expect these systems off and on during the next month or so.”

Gonguez is advising residents of low lying areas and close to the Rio Hondo and New River to continue to monitoring the levels of the rising waters in efforts of evacuating early and protecting belongings should the need arise.

Chief Meteorologist Dennis Gonguez

“What they need to be doing is to monitor the river levels and they see when the river levels reach dangerous levels where they can impact on their live and property, so they should be monitoring the situation as it unfolds. As the system moves away we should gradually see some improvements on the weather come tomorrow and the following day though as the system moves away we should see the raining easing up a bit on Wednesday and Thursday.”

Our news room will remain vigilant and will continue to monitor the effects of the incessant rains.  Our teams will be travelling to flood prone areas and villages to document any flooding.