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125ft in to the site and completly underwater

Marco Gonzalez Reserve Temporarily Closed Due to Flooding

Jan Brown, Director of the Marco Gonzalez Reserve located south of San Pedro Town submitted the following :

"I went to Marco entrance this morning (Sept 18). What a trip! The southern road is badly flooded from Victoria House to the end. I only went to Marco at Mile 5.25. Finally took out my camera to capture some of it. I've never seen this much water on the road. Thankfully, SPTC has added some hardcore from Croc Lagoon to almost the Dump road. Thanks Kendrick and crews!

Marco Gonzalez Reserve will be closed for next few days. The boardwalk is underwater for quite some way. I didn't wade into the site, but if it's this high on the walkway, I know the water level will have encroached at the site entrance, Plaza 2 will be flooded and for sure the west side pathway will be underwater. I'll investigate on Thursday."

Photos HERE