A young man who tried to rob Isolene Baños, 69, producer of Golden Corn Tortillas , was beaten and subdued by Banos and four other women members of her family last Friday, until the police came and took him away.

Joseph O’Brian, 21, a construction worker of Banak Street pleaedd not guilty, when he appeared in the #4 Magistrate’s Court Monday for arraignment on robbery, five counts of aggravated assault and for keeping a gun and ammunition without a license.

O’Brian was remanded into custody until his next court date on November 4.

On Friday, September 13, O’ Brian attempted to rob Golden Corn Tortilla factory, located at #2 Central American Boulevard.

According to police, they received information about a robbery in progress and responded promptly.

Police said that upon arrival at the scene of the robbery, they discovered that Banos and her four helpmates: Shannelly Williams, Selene Williams, Serena Williams and Mariana Espinosa, had O’Brian pinned down and ready to be delivered.

Banos told police that while she and her family members were at her tortilla factory, a man, later identified as Joseph O’Brian, entered the premises armed with a handgun. He held her up and stole her grey Nokia cellular phone and a pair of gold earrings.

The two items have a combined value of $870.

Banos added in her report that the gunman also pointed his gun at the other women. The women, however, jumped on him and pounded him to the ground

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