Road north from town - bad puddles from the rains, but a particular stretch needs to be approached with greater caution than the rest. Behind Cocatil, just next to (north) of White Sands is a part of the road that is truly a very nasty slurry. Drivers have been going more over to the sides of many of the puddles to find shallower water. DON'T DO IT there. I veered over to the eastern side of the massive mud puddle and ended up almost rolling over as the right side of the cart went into what seemed a bottomless pit of liquified mud. Only the front left wheel had any solid dirt under it - the cart was at a dramatic angle and had there been a passenger adding weight to the right side of the cart I do believe we'd have rolled completely on the side and probably injured somebody. When you pass that area, go slow and go pretty much down the middle of the mess.
Fate was kind to me - two carts with helpful people were nearby when this happened. A wonderful, beautiful, and VERY STRONG woman lifted the back corner of my cart up, another motorist pushed and I did get out of there. It's really dangerous. Beware. And THANK YOU TO MY ROAD-ANGEL RESCUERS!!