Garbage: The Most Mentioned Negative Aspect Of Caye Caulker and Belize By The Foreign Tourists

I am sorry I don’t do Facebook but I have a friend who informs me if there is anything being discussed in Caye Caulker which would be relevant to anything I am working on or writing about. So I am very happy that CCVC’s Foreman Wayne Miller beat me to my next planned article which was going to be about garbage. I started about garbage in my first article about the location of the only secondary school in Caye Caulker. There I wrote that I do not understand Central Governments refusal to listen to the island Elders proposal to move the present school Ocean Academy out of the swamp to a better Public Health spot next to the airport at the Social Security owned Resort.

To have the present school surrounded by swamp with garbage filled water is just asking for it just like CCVC’s Wayne Miller is making clear that garbage is the threat of Dengue on the island of Caye Caulker and will be coming closer and closer. The throwing of garbage around on the island is not only the biggest threat to Public Health but when Dengue comes to Caye Caulker it will also result in having less foreign visitors; resulting in more negative economic results for the island. Mr. Miller is right! We are all responsible not only the Village Council. So next time when you throw your garbage in our neighborhood think of the consequences for your fellow islanders and yourself.

For as far as I can see there are several hotspots for the garbage throwers. The worst one I think is between Rosado’s Butane property in front of the Ms.Lola’s property all the way to the Ocean Academy. So right along the school path of both schools. So I am very happy that somebody in authority of the village council is now taking up the issue. And one from when you go to the back from Marty’s lumberyard past the wood workshop. It is a couple of months ago I was visiting there that might be impossible to clean it up but to solve it with a couple of truck loads of sand to cover up the garbage which they use to fill the swamp. I know if the owner does not have the money someone has to step in because it is a threat for everybody.

I am willing to spend a day cleaning up along the school path. Not only it is also close to my neighborhood even if my kids are not going to school, I do not wish Dengue on anybody even if you could sometimes wish it only on the garbage throwers because you see if they get it you might be next. That counts also for the garbage throwers, remember that. I had Dengue once. I attracted it in Tulum and bwaye I really thought I was going to die,serious. I even made one of the biggest economic mistakes in my life selling a 40ft container with all my books and antiques just to get money in case I would end up dead just when my oldest boy was visiting me.

So if we could get some coordination with the CCVC about taking the garbage away, Mr.Miller which day in the close future you would like to do this. And folks come and help because there is a lot of garbage along the road.

What if one of your kids attracts Dengue?. You will regret that, if you know that at least you tried to prevent it. So come out and help to clean up Caye Caulker!!

Another aspect about garbage and I hear it from the mouth of tourists in all those languages you do not understand and sometimes I think it is a curse that I do understand that garbage is the thing what foreigners think and discuss with other foreigners is the most negative aspect of Belize or the island to see so much garbage floating around. If you only could understand what they say about that, you would never throw any garbage anywhere and you would teach your kids not to litter.

Friday after lunch, September 27 Marsh Alamina and neighbors of the school path will do a clean up effort starting from the Ocean Academy towards the primary school up to Rosado’s Butane property

Chriss Roggema

Caye Caulker Chronicles