I have to reply to Lans reply and Lan and i will have to agree to disagree on a few points, Lan favors town and you could not pay me to move back into town after being up North and experiencing the best of both worlds.

Lan says
It is way north

We are approx 5.4 miles north of town and approx 10 minutes boatride into town.

I make it VERY EASY for my guests to get into town when they want to and I know Lan is not HOT on Resorts north of town due to the accessability problem that guests staying at other resorts encounter, my guests do not encounter these same problems and I do my best to ensure that transport is available should my guests want to get into town.

I do not consider a 10 minute boatride into town to be a negative I consider it to have the best of both worlds.

1.) A beautiful area full of wildlife including a family of Ospreys that nests at the resr of the resort and that fish in front of the Resort daily, a Kingfisher who visits regulalry who fishes from the shower head on our dock to name a few.

2.) a short 10 minute boatride into town when you wish to go.

Lan says,

and while you can hike to a couple of restaurants you really are off by yourself here. Guess Gaz provides some shuttle service but it's not like being within a walk or golf cart trip of town.

I think that depends on what a person is looking for in a vacation Lan, you seem to think everyone wants to be in town, I can tell you I have not had one complaint from my guests with regards to not being in town, in fact I was so paranoid when I first opened that guests would want to go into town every single day i laid on a my own personal shuttle and still do, but you know what ?, after they have visited town for shopping the attraction of town seems to fade fast for my guests and on average my guests visit town about 2-3 times for the week EVEN THOUGH they have access to a shuttle anytime they wish, they prefer the peace and beauty of up North.

Of course up North is not for everyone but then again town is not for everyone either, Lan you need to understand this when answering peoples questions.

Be impartial and point out the positives and negatives of both instead of pushing people with your comments to stay in town because thats your preference, it may not be theirs.

There are many positives and negatives on staying in town and there are positives and negatives for staying North but if people are given accurate information then they be able to make the correct decision in there choice of destination.

When I moved up north 8 years ago when i purchased a home in this same area I would of agreed with Lan that it was remote but with progress and expansion, we are far from being remote but i guess that the perspective of someone who lives here fulltime.

Lan says

The setting is beautiful

Well I agree with Lan on this one :-)

On a closing note

If your looking for wild parties lots of Bars, restaurants lots of people,Golf carts, cars, etc then choose to stay in town

If you want to replace all the above with peace quiet and wildlife then choose up north, because you can still visit the Bars restaurants, Golf carts and cars whenever you wish in just 10 minutes.

As i said the best of both worlds :-)

All the best

Gaz Cooper
Playa Blanca Dive & Beach Club www.playablancabelize.com