Just an outsiders opinion, and one who reads the message board diligently to pick up any tips that may apply to me... I know what I want in a vacation, and it's certainly not IN TOWN. Not that I don't want to go check it out a few times and all that there is to offer.... which is why I chose AC over any other spot in Belize for our week vacation.

I guess what I'm saying is that most people look for responses from others that want the same out of a vacation, so while I read all, the ones that count are the opinions like mine. The people that go on vacation for a little R&R mixed with fun outtings & a few trips to town are looking for those places OUT OF TOWN, with a little peace and quiet.

Like I said before, that's just my opinion on it all -- to each his own piece of paradise!

Can't wait to travel to Belize, and I will be staying on the North end of the island.