We also prefer to stay out of town!!! The first time we went to AC we stayed at Captain Morgan's and loved being north but still went into town a couple times. On our last trip in June we didn't have a choice since the Basil Jones Resort put us up at Royal Palms condo south of town. Okay south of town was better than being right in town but we still missed the beauty and peace from up North. We where wishing we could stay up north. We had the pleasure of meeting Gaz and got to see his very nice condos before the resort was open and we would take that location over the dusty, noisy town any time especially with his frequent boat service. We actually loved having to ride a boat to town and back because you get to see the coastline. Not that town is bad but we live in a crowded area and when we go on vacation we prefer nature over town. It is great to have both and just hop on a boat and go to town when you feel like it. But maybe some of the people that prefer town over up north live in more secluded areas and prefer a little more action and having more people around. We sure don't!