I just tried to pay a bill to a vendor through Paypal and Paypal came back saying the card was declined and then removed the card from from my account.

I called Belize Bank and they tell me that all Paypal payments are automatically being declined unless you fill out a form first and notify them that the charge is going through. I asked them when they informed me of this and was told that they didn't inform anyone.

I just happen to use Paypal to pay for any Facebook advertising for my corporate page which I do fairly often on the spur of the moment. The reason I use Paypal is because Belize Bank Visa kept declining charges to Facebook because (along with Paypal) it is considered a high risk transaction.

Time to get another bank!

Does anyone have any recommendations for banks in town that issue US$ Visa cards. One that preferably unlike Belize Bank requires me to have the same amount on a hold account as my credit limit (even though I have banked with them for over 10 years).