Well this was my second trip to AC but this time I brought someone special. It was not like my last trip in a lot of respects but it was better for me in many ways. There is no better joy than to see happiness and delight in the person's face you care about. My boyfriend had never been out of the country and he didn't know what to expect but he loved AC right off just like I did. We stayed at Banana Beach and he loved it just as much as I did when I first came. I actually spent a little more time in the room this time (wink, wink).

We started our vacation off right by taking a long walk down the beach and then through town and up to Sweet Basil. Things were still the same. Serene and sweet. After giving him a tour of the town we called it an early evening preparing for our next day's adventure. The next day we took the golf cart up near Palapa and hung there for a while. I was a bit surprised to see KC was not running the place anymore, but it was still a nice place to hang and have a couple of beers. After a long day of doing a lot of exploring and driving around in the golfcart we headed home to prepare for a night with the Skinny man. I actually saw my boyfriend dance and the sweetest part was when he asked me to slow dance. I could have cried (HE IS NOT AN EASY PERSON TO GET OUT ON THE DANCE FLOOR).

The next day we did Laminai with Daniel from Tanisha and it was just as great as before. Man this guy knows his stuff. My boyfriend and Daniel bonded and I was able to zone out. I caught a little bug when I was there and I was worried I wouldn't be able to do the whole day trip, but my boyfriend and even Daniel were very understanding. This is a trip not to be missed. We actually saw and heard awesome howler monkeys.

Next day we did the tour with Alfons and he loved that too. Geeze, either I'm getting smaller or the sharks are getting BIGGER!!!!!!

Last day we met up with a wonderful couple from the Board, Ruth and Norman, and we enjoyed a nice breakfast and a farewell toast to the trip.

This trip was very special and I hope to come back one day and maybe celebrate some type of anniversary. I'll keep my fingers crossed.

P.S. Some you all have been around the message board for a while, you know that there was a special dog that I had a hankering for in AC. I searched and searched and did not see him there this time. This was sad for me but I'm hoping he is in a better place.

P.S.S. Some of my favorite restaurants were: Victoria House, George's Country Kitchen, Sweet Basil (of course) and the food that was served during our day trip to Laminai with Daniel.

P.S.S. Sorry this is so long. Banana Beach staff was wonderful and I still love the people of Belize.