DATE: Friday 25th, October 2013
TIME: 11:45 a.m.

The National Emergency Management Organization hereby informs the general public that heavy rainfall from a cold front thatís passing over the Yucatan is causing localized flooding across certain parts of the country. This is expected to continue within the next 48 hours. NEMO is monitoring and responding to the affected areas.


Roaring Creek is rising fast and will likely flood the Roaring Creek Bridge and low-lying areas in the village of Roaring Creek.

In Arizona, Teakettle at approximately 1:30 a.m. on Friday 25TH October 2013 the Teakettle Creek rose and flooded out flood experienced flooding which affected about eight families.

Maya Mopan, Belmopan is experiencing flooding which has affected several families. The Belmopan City Council deployed a team to provide assistance to people.

On the George Price Highway between Central Farm and Blackman Eddy approximately 12 inches of water is running across many areas of the road. The Iguana Creek Bridge has about 2 inches of water on it. The water is not rising. (The Ministry of Works and Transport are responding and monitoring the situation).


The North Stann Creek is 4ft above and falling at mile 20, 12ft above at Hope Creek and rising. The Mullins River is 3ft above normal and rising. Cabbage Hay Creek is 5ft above normal and rising. The following Communities have been place on flood watch: Sarawee, Hope Creek, Mullins River, Santa Rosa, San Roman and Georgetown.


Blue Creek is 3ft above the bridge and rising the Road is closed. The Moho River at Jordan is 10ft above normal and rising. Bladden is 6ft above and rising. No report from Crique Sarco along the Temash River and San Benito Poite on the Moho River. Flood Watch issued for San Benito Poite, Jordan, Aguacate, Crique Sarco, and Bladden.

Residents of flood prone communities, which normally experience flash floods, are being informed of possible flooding to excessive rains which fell last night continuing on today and possible for the next couple of days. Motorists are asked to drive with extreme caution when driving the highways and secondary roads.

All NEMO members and partners are asked to increase vigilant and remain on standby throughout the weekend to be prepared to evacuate, rescue, control traffic, offer emergency care as the need arise.