Many of you know that when the new 2012 Caye Caulker Parcel Index Map came out, several of the "beachfront" lots on the North Caye suddenly had lots marked in front of their lots. According to the map, their lots were no longer officially waterfront, even though in reality most still had just water or mangroves in front. Some of the owners got the news when they were applying for the now-required First Registration to obtain their Land Certificates. One of the owners affected was Barry Papworth. He hired Estevan Perera of Godfrey Law to look into reversing the process of the devaluing of his land. Mr. Perera traveled to Belmopan many times to meet with the Minister of Lands, Commissioner of Lands and Heads of Survey Department. His persistence paid off and this month he was able to get the survey with the fake lot in front of Mr. Papworth's property cancelled! Mr. Perera attempted to get all of the questionable lots cancelled but was told that he would have to represent each property owner individually. He must pursue each lot separately so as to avoid a mistake being made and a true lot inadvertently being cancelled.

If you have a north caye waterfront lot that was affected, it is strongly advised you contact Estevan Perera immediately. Time is of the essence because once they register those illegal lots he will be unable to rectify the matter. He can be reached at 501-610-4444 or 501-223-3530 or [email protected] You can also contact me, Sara Warner of RE/MAX Island Real Estate, at 501-624-5013 or 501-226-0404 or [email protected] for further information.

Good luck to the property owners! This is a win for the people!