Just a question about whether we should book our flight in advance from Belize City over to Ambergris Caye or wait until we arrive? We get in from Houston March 3rd @ 3:30pm, and I'm just wondering how full the flights usually are over to the island. If the flight into BC gets delayed, or we get in sooner, what are the chances of changing flight times with Tropicair? I just don't know what time to book the flight, there will be 8 to 10 of us (the others booked through travel agents and had the short flight taken care of already) and would like to book it for 4:00pm, but don't know if that gives us enough time to catch the flight.

Also, sorry girls that I haven't emailed any of you, but have been extremely busy with Jackson back from overseas, Christmas, New Years, and our stag parties. Have decided to go with the Blue Tang Inn for our wedding March 7th (thanks Bromista, I'll let you know how it goes). Couldn't get the "good" room, and ended up having to book the one below, but that's alright. Would have booked everyone there back in Sept. if we had known about the weddings there, but were too late. Anyways, Rocio assures me that everything will go just fine and not to worry. Having the Beach BBQ as well.

Any info would be great concerning the "jumper flight".

Thanks...Shauna from Canada