The FAA officially gave the green light to lifting restrictions on using portable electronics in flight, but before that can actually happen each airline needs to get government approval. How long will it be before you can start using your iPad during takeoff and landing? That day may be coming sooner than you think because Delta and JetBlue both started yesterday, with more coming soon.

Following a months-long investigation into whether or not handheld electronics like iPads, iPhones and Kindle ebook readers, posed a risk to avionics during takeoff and landing, the FAA concluded that there wasn't any reason to block people from using the devices. The announcement came earlier this week, and now it's up to the airlines to apply for approval before they let passengers play games and read ebooks through all flight phases.

The FAA changes mean it's OK to use your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or other smartphone or tablet during all phases of flights that start in the United States, but those devices must be in Airplane Mode. Laptops, however, aren't included on the safe to use list.

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