For those of you who may have lived both on Ambergris Caye and on Caye Caulker, can you compare the cost of living on these two islands, in particular?

First question is what is a reasonable range to cover the cost of groceries for a couple (expats)who primarily eat at home, excluding liquor?

Can you get dark green, leafy lettuce, and other diverse veggies (other than traditional Mayan squashes, cabbages, and chaya, etc.)? For instance, does any grocery or stand offer dark green veggies like arugula, kale, and green beans? What about whole grain breads and diverse cheeses (goat, feta, sharp cheddar, etc.)?

These days many vegetarians are interested in Belize. I'm wondering if vegetarians here need to grow their own gardens to get the kind of diverse veggies we could easily get in North America?

I'd assume that the BTL, BWS and phone services are very similar on the two islands, but that the cost of rentals and homes are quite a bit less on Caye Caulker. Any comments and info on cost of living comparisons would be appreciated.