Almost 70% of the streets under the jurisdiction of the Corozal Town Council have been damaged by rain since the season started in 2013. As the weather has held up over the past two weeks, street repairs in Corozal Town continue to be spearheaded by the town council.

The Corozal Town Council has dug deep into its coffers to provide its own financing for some of the most badly damaged streets. Central government has also chipped in for its share of the expenses and will also be assisting the council through the Ministry of Works.

Streets to be repaired are those that were paved just 5 years ago which include 1st Avenue, 5th Avenue, 6th Street and others that were recently done. Streets that have outlived their life spans and are beyond repairs, will no doubt require reprocessing and paving
entirely again.

The Corozal Town Council will optimize the standards of having longer lasting streets once completed. The town council will be planning to tighten its spending belt so that priority must be given to the badly deteriorated streets within the town limits.

The financial assistance from Central Government will no doubt compliment the town council's efforts. Area representatives from Corozal Bay and Corozal North have both committed themselves is providing assistance through the Ministry of Works in this urgent endeavor.

The Corozal Daily would like to ask the citizens participation by coming in to the town council's office to pay outstanding arrears of property taxes and trade license fees.


Corozal Town Council is on high gear to get Corozal Town's streets graded and paved. A private company has been given the contract to carry out some of the works. Here is 2nd Street North getting a complete grade. The 2nd phase will entail paving. We urge the public that this may be a good time to go into the council's office and make arrangements to pay off your arrears on property taxes. More than a dozen streets will be repaired.


Corozal Daily