An exhibition by Nelson Young inspired by the Mayan glyphs

You can find Nelson Young’s paintings on the walls of many businesses and certainly in residences in Belize; but his pieces can also be found internationally. Based in Caye Caulker, these days Young paints primarily with oil creating art of vivid and bright colours. His passion for faces became his signature work, but tonight his latest paintings have been inspired by an ancient civilization, the Maya. The exhibit, which opened a while ago at the Mexican Institute, is entitled “The Alignment;” it is patterned by Maya glyphs symbols and is inspired by God. In an interview with News Five, Young says that the artwork on display depicts the skills that he has developed over thirty plus years of painting.

Nelson Young, Artist

“It is actually a lifetime achievement because art is not something that is achieved overnight. Art is something that takes many years of achieving professionalism and purpose and significance. The understanding of what art is all about and what it can do for us in the way of development, in the way of culture and civilization. Me as an artist I am not ashamed to say that the Almighty God, the creator is my inspiration. So as he has done for me throughout all the years of my struggle, I try to do something also to promote the prophesies because people don’t connect the dots and see that music has anything to do with prophesy, or art could have anything to do with prophesy or theatre can have anything to do with prophesy.”


Nelson Young

“What is it that you expect persons coming to exhibit tonight; that they are going to take back or take away from coming to view this amazing work?”

Nelson Young

“I think a lot of them will be very inspired with the beauty because everything about God is beauty. They say worshipping of God is in the beauty of holiness. If you go to a church you see the people that make the church, they try to make it beautiful. Throughout history you see that symbolism—you got the star of David, you got the cross, you got the peace signs, you got the lions; you got endless forms of symbolisms that empower a prophesy. So I am hoping that this which I am doing in the history of my work would empower a prophesy.”

The exhibition will continue until January tenth of next year. 

Channel 5