A couple folks have posted here of how dredging in and of itself is some sort of environmental disaster. A dredge is simply a dredge as a bulldozer is simply a bulldozer. Nobody wants to use either in an insensitive way. Sure, even when properly planned and permitted there will be some disruption to the benthic community, shredded turtlegrass and such. Luckily this normally repairs itself quite quickly in the area worked. The dredgers are avoiding the hell out of this material anyway. They're after sand not mud. The other concern of course is off-site turbidity, allowing sand to reach coral. I kayaked thru the site in question when the dredge was at full tilt and can assure you the turbidity reached less than 30 ft. from shore for a length of only about 50 ft, nowhere near as much as we see near most beaches when the seas kick up. This island needs sand, a lot of it. If you want to bad mouth dredging along Caye Caulkers shoreline as environmentally unsustainable please provide the evidence.