So my wife and I decide on the last day of our beautiful diving vacation to go on the inland tour to Altun Ha/ maruba spa. So we get on the boat ,Its a big boat 38 foot I think there was 12 or 14 of us on It. It had I think twin 150s driving It (a very fast boat indeed)so here we are cruising across the bay and up the river and through the mangroves zipping just as fast as we could around blind corners ,no need to worry says the guide no one will be coming the other way during these hours . (I thought to my self when he said that that 1 day I'm sure you will be surprised )so we make it to bamba / then to the ruins/ then to maruba spa which I thought was Incredible, so we get Back to the boat take off and start going like were nuts again and sure enough around the corner I look up and were getting ready to smash a boat about the same size as us,Head on we were doing about 40 mph so there was no stopping and no where to steer to (the river was just too narrow)so needless to say we ended up slamming into the other boat then crashing into the mangrove at about 40mph ,most people were smart enough to jump to the floor of the boat and amazingly no one seemed hurt. Now we had to figure a way to get the boat back in the water, so the other boat tries pulling us out. but this doesnt work so 5 or 6 of the guys get out into the mangrove and the mud and lift and push until its back in the water.It didnt hurt the boat except for some lost paint so we were soon off and running again but at a much more sensible speed.
Now I realize that accidents happen but I just hope that someone learns from this because the next time the passengers might not be so lucky.