Diverdude was on a boat owned and operated by Hustler. The boat they ran into was the Maruba boat coming back from a snorkle trip, and to my understanding, was going at a safe speed. The problem arises because to do a Lamanai trip if the boats go up the Northern River at a safe speed it makes for a very long day. And, some of the boat drivers think it is a macho thing showing off their boat driving and endangering the tourists. It is a miracle that no one has been seriously hurt as yet. Dave, the owner of Hustler, is out of the country and I am sure is not aware of this situation as yet. I would hope that he will address it to Diverdude's satisfaction when he becomes aware of it. This is not another case of "shit happens". It is a case of "all is well that ends well", fortunatly. And, just another example of some of the things that go on here that should not and could be prevented if only people acted more responsibly.