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The San Pedro Sun

Presentation of the exhibition “The Alignment” by Nelson Young
The Embassy of Mexico hosted on Tuesday, December 17th at 6:30 pm, at the gallery of the Institute of Mexico in Belize City, the opening of the exhibition “The Alignment” with works by the Belizean artist Nelson Young. The exhibition contains the most recent production that the Belizean artist has not shared with the public. The work of Mr. Young is characterized by the strength and brightness of the colors, in this exhibition the artist departs somewhat from figuration and transports us into a world inspired by the Mayan glyphs symbols, he describes the show as: “an exhibition of indigenous art symbolic, where prophetically modern, contemporary and future Belizean art looms.”

Sea Cucumber License
The Fisheries Department hereby informs the PUBLIC that no Sea Cucumber fishing license or Sea Cucumber export license will be issued since the Sea Cucumber fishery will remain closed until further notice. The public is reminded that it is illegal to fish without a license and that the fisheries laws will be applied to persons caught fishing illegally. Your cooperation is vital to secure the sustainability of the resource.

The Great Blue Hole is amazing from above!
There is something so exciting about waiting to board a plane to fly over one of Belize’s greatest wonders: the Great Blue Hole. Thanks to Amigos Jungle Tours, that feeling can be experienced by anyone. That’s right, aerial excursions are now available for those who want to enjoy the beauty of Belize’s marine formation and Caribbean Sea without actually getting in the water. With a little help from the trusty pilots at Maya Island Air, anyone can get a bird’s eye view – and many would argue that there is no better vantage point than from high up in the sky. My excitement builds from the moment I board the plane. I am anxious to see beautiful coral formations and atolls, and being the ‘patient’ person I am, I keep wishing the plane would go faster! We do eventually arrive to our destination, The Great Blue Hole, but along the way, there are some great views to enjoy. You will certainly love the breathtaking views of the magnificent Caribbean Sea and the world’s second longest barrier reef. And don’t forget the panoramic views of Ambergris Caye, Caye Caulker, Lighthouse Reef Atoll, Half Moon Caye, Turneffe Atoll and the Blue Hole.

Ambergris Today

IDB Announces New Country Strategy with Belize for 2013-2017
On Wednesday, December 18, 2013, The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) approved a new Country Strategy with Belize, affirming its commitment to partner with the Government of Belize on the country’s development. The strategy will support Belize in addressing its development challenges in four priority areas: education, tourism, transport, and trade and tax policy. “The IDB’s new strategy with Belize will help the government address the country’s needs by supporting greater efficiency in public spending and improving the conditions for sustainable, export-led growth through institutional strengthening and infrastructure investments in key sectors of the economy”, said Anneke Jessen, IDB Representative in Belize. In the education sector, the Bank will support the design and implementation of a quality assurance system with clear standards for student learning and school management, as well as improvements in the qualifications of both in-service and future teachers, strengthening the quality of education as well as sector governance. The aim is to improve results in education relative to spending.

First Belizean with Disability obtains Doctors Degree
It is with great pride, joy and tons of admiration that the University of the West Indies (UWI), Open Campus, Belize joins our sister campus, the UWI at St. Augustine, Trinidad and Tobago in congratulating Dr. Einstein Bodden as he relishes in taking his oath as a Medical Doctor. All Belizeans at home and abroad should share in this great accomplishment for a person with diverse abilities who has not let the wheelchair, to which he has been confined for the better part of his life (from the tender age of two years old), restrict him from pursuing his dream of becoming a medical doctor. Dr. Einstein Bodden hails from Corozal Town and he commenced his medical studies with the UWI at St. Augustine, Trinidad and Tobago. He was home-schooled by his mother (now deceased), a home maker, until he was eight years old because she was determined that he would have an education. At his insistence to experience the formal school setting, his parents agreed for him to attend St. Paul’s Primary School in Corozal where his father, an auto mechanic, took him by car back and forth daily so that he could attend school. It was his siblings with whom he shares a special bond and in particular his younger brother, Elson, who were truly Einstein’s “keepers” an

Castillo’s Hardware Awards Four Outstanding Workers
On Friday, December 20, 2013, not only did Castillo’s Do it Best Hardware carry out its annual Christmas Raffle but also celebrated the hard work of four dedicated staff members. Awarded with certificates of appreciation were Ricardo Verde, Miriam Chi, Raul Mendez and Benigno Castillo. They received awards for their hard work and dedication for over 10 years of service to Castillo’s Hardware Co. Ltd. Congratulations to all!

Island Style Christmas Tree in Caye Caulker, Belize
Christmas has come and gone but what's left are the creative decorations that fill us up with joy. All over the world a Christmas tree is the most important part of Christmas; it is where all the personal ornaments go on and of course the presents. On this week's Picture of the Week we feature a very creative Christmas tree on the island of Caye Caulker made out of lobster traps. Kudos to the Caye Caulker Village Council on a job well done.

Education in Belize: End of Year Notes
As we approach the end of 2013 I would like to thank readers of and my Guidance Counselor column for their loyalty and participation/comments, or sharing my articles. I am thrilled to note that, this year, readers from Belize as well as 32 other countries in six continents read my blog and Guidance Counselor articles; many readers, including Belizeans, expressed their concerns (via blog, email, and various media outlets) regarding Education in Belize as well as in other countries. Despite the fact that the Belize Education System classifies me as a “retired” educator, I still look forward to tackling and discussing many more challenging topics on Education, including some that many powerful people would prefer not to discuss publicly.

Misc Belizean Sources

Benque Viejo Neighborhood Watch Boxing Day Bash
The children and families of Benque Viejo were treated to the 6th Annual Boxing Day Bash held by the Zone 4 Neighborhood Watch. This annual event was hosted and coordinated by Zone 4 Captain Samuel Bruce and was held in the spacious Sam’s Community Park. Located on his private land, Mr. Bruce has developed and made this park with a large all weather community center available for local residents throughout the year with community policing & neighborhood watch activities. Held annually on Boxing Day, this popular event enhances Christmas by providing gifts for all the children and brings the community together strengthening the effectiveness of the Neighborhood Watch Program. Deplorable road conditions and rainy weather did not dampen the spirits for this highly anticipated event that was attended by over 500 children and adults. Many fathers were unable to attend, as they were required to travel to other parts of the country to report for work the following day but were there in spirit. Corporal McCoy of the Benque Community Policing Unit represented the Police Department and stressed to all the importance of everyone working together to report and stop crime. This attitude of corporation is one of the reasons that Benque has the lowest crime rate in the country and still practices civil society from children through adults.

Diaspora Representation!
By Abdulmajeed K. Nunez I am sick and tired of this marginalization Inadequate Diaspora representation is killing this nation How can we stop any Belizean From full participation in the development of this nation? We claim we suffer from a brain drain This is totally insane, our solutions are disdain Have we no respect for the opportunity That our Belizeans abroad have gained This reminds me of the anarchists in 1936 Spain Where did this power the oligarchs obtain? Hurricane Hattie was not anyone's fault It opened up the vault As matter of fact no one in Belize knew what a hurricane was Once again Belize is putting itself through great pain The UN has gone through great strain Their policies ordained I take the stance that a Belizean is Belizean Whether expatriate or a resident in state Who are we to stop them from being a part of the Cabinet, House of Representative or the Senate? Opportunities they have taken to educate themselves and their families To come back home with newly obtained strategies and remedies To make their contribution Belize is one nation a part of the Caribbean The wider Diaspora can only make life better

San Pedro Town Council New Years hours
Closing 2pm today, resume Jan 2

CTGA Visits San Antonio
The Cayo Tour Guide Association wrote about how tour guides often guide on Christmas, yet still have a great, and in this case unique, time. Cruz Cambranes got a great video showing how they create vases on a pottery wheel. "After making our way to San Antonio, we got an introduction by Mrs. Timotella Mesh who is part of the women’s group which has been around for the past twelve years, since 2001. The group consists of nine women that do embroidery, clay pots, figurines, and beaded necklesses to sell at their little giftshop. The project had several young people working on it, but over the years, the group seeked training and they all have gotten jobs in the tourist industry or some have received scholarships to continue studying. This shows that the Women’s Group is working hard, guiding and inspiring the youth. "

Emmeth Young at Chaya Garden Ashram
Emmeth Young and the Talla Walla Vibrations visited Cayo on Boxing Day, and played through the night at the Chaya Garden Ashram. The best drummers in Central America impressed, as usual. "We made a show on the 26th of December 2013 at the yoga ashram in Belize. We like it when everything is natural and organic, including the beats These are supplied by Talla Walla Vibrations from Punta Gorda, Belize. Chaya Garden Ashram puts on a good show."

Police shuts down one of fire victim’s fundraising activity
The family of Therese Maddision was today ordered to discontinue their fund raising activity in front of their house that burned down in Blackman eddy village on Christmas Day. According to a family member, the officer Commanding San Ignacio police was passing by the area this morning and stopped his vehicle long enough to order them to immediately stop what they were doing or risk being arrested. The family member says that since the officer told them that what they were doing is illegal, she tried to ask him what was the procedure they need to follow in order to continue raising funds; but she said, the officer just said that said he did not want to hear about any procedure and that they should immediately stop or he would call for officers to come arrest them.

13 Year Runs Away From Home
13 year old girl from Bullet Tree Falls village in the Cayo district has reportedly ran away from home. The child is Merdith Staine. Her mother Ruth Bardalez told police that on Sunday evening around 6 o’clock, she went to a nearby store in the village and left Merdith in the company of her aunt. The mother says that when she returned from the shop, she saw Merdith with a Hispanic man in a nearby orchard. When the mother began scolding Merdith, the man reportedly took off running and then Merdith ran off behind the man. She has not been seen or heard from since.

Police Release Autopsy Report Goivanni August
Police have released the results of a post mortem examination on the body of a man found floating in the river in Santa Familia village, Cayo. According to the findings of the doctor who conducted the autopsy, Giovanni August, 31, died as a result of “bronchi aspiration and alcoholic liver disease.” August was last seen alive by his mother on Christmas night when, according to police, he went to her house in San Ignacio town asking for money. The mother told police that she gave him the money and he left. Giovanni August’s body was found floating in the river in Santa Familia village on Saturday evening.

Sunday Morning Shooting Leaves Two Injured
A shooting incident on sunday morning in Belize had left two people injured. The victime have been identified as Paul Sambula Jr,18 and Roy Bennett,26. Bennett was injured to the right side while Sambula was shot to the back and right hand. According to a police report Sambula and Bennett went to a shop at the corner of Fabers Road and Nurse Finsley Cresent where they were approached by two men of dark complection on seperate bicycles. One of the assailants reportedly used a black hand gun to fire several shots at Sambula ans Bennett injuring them. Both of the victims are admitted at ward at the KHMH in stable condition.

Channel 7

City’s First Murder in 7 Weeks
There is a Belize City murder to report tonight. We hadn't had one of those since the first week in November, but recently there's been a spike in violence in the PIV/Ghost Town areas of Lake Independence and Pickstock Divisions. And on Sunday night, a 28 year old working man got killed, while a school warden was grazed. But, while it is in a gang area, the family of the victim, Leon Giovanni Smith says police can't just chalk this one up as another gang related statistic. Daniel Ortiz found out why:.. Daniel Ortiz reporting 28 year-old Leon Geovanni Smith met his end at the corner of Sittee and Ebony Streets last night at around 7:30. Smith, who was running an errand, was ambushed by an assailant who gunned him down. Patricia Petillo - Mother of Deceased "He left my house to take food for my son because I have a son who live in that area and he was there waiting for his bicycle because he had loan it to one of the family member in the yard. I understand that was the time the young man brought back the bicycle and he (Leon) was leaving the yard when he got shot."

City Shooting On A Sunday Morning
And there was another serious shooting in the city on Sunday. At 11:40 am, Two men were shot on Faber's Road near the corner with Nurse Findlay Crescent. It's an area that has seen a number of shootings and even murders over the years, and this time the victim was a member of the ill-fated Felix family, 26 year old Roy Bennett. He was shot in his right side, along with 18 year old Paul Sambula Jr. who was shot to the back and right hand. The two men were at a shop located at the corner of Faber's Road and Nurse Finley Crescent - a shop where the proprietor was killed two years ago. That's where two men on separate bicycles rode up, and one of them pulled out a black handgun and fired several shots at them. They ran to seek shelter in a nearby house and were rushed to the K.H.M.H. Both men are reported in a stable condition.

Missing Canadian’s Man Son Comes To Belize To Find Him
Last week, we told you about the Canadian Brian Townsend, who has been missing since Christmas Day. He'd been living in the Valley of Peace Village in the Cayo District for 9 years, and but suddenly on Christmas Eve he disappeared. Police found signs of a struggle at his house when his cook reported him missing on Christmas day, and the suspicion is that he was abducted. His family are hoping for the best, and his son, Kory Townsend, has flown into Belize to monitor the progress of the search while in Valley of Peace. He spoke to CTV News in Canada on Friday before he left and here's that story:

Forensic Examiner Says 15 Year Old Choked To Death
On Friday we told you about mysterious sudden death of Stephan Ovado. The 15 year old - who was three days from his 16th birthday - collapsed and died when he was running from police on Christmas Day - which also happened to be his father's birthday. Well, the post mortem on the teenager was conducted yesterday and it was determined that he died from broncho-aspiration - basically he choked on food that came up from his stomach. The Doctor explained to the family that Stephan had a blackout, and was on his back when he collapsed, and that's what caused him to choke. His funeral will be held tomorrow.

Audrey Accused Former Lands CEO Turned UDP Aspirant of Nepotism
Beverly Castillo is the former CEO of the Ministry of Natural Resources, and as we've reported, she resigned from the post to enter into politics. She's offering herself for UDP standard bearer in Belize Rural Central. But, tonight, Audrey Matura Shepherd says that before she left office, Castillo secured a prime piece of land for her family. The land is in Belama at the corner of Albert Hoy and Chetumal Streets - which happens to be right across from Matura-Shepherd's office and residence. The Pickwood family is claiming they have a lease to the piece of land for over 10 years now, and that was unfairly taken away from them - under Castillo's hand - without any notice from the Lands Department. The allegation is that in November, when Castillo was still the CEO of the Ministry of Natural Resources, the lease was cancelled without due notice, and it was transferred to Castillo's family - specifically her mother Maud Williams and her son. The Pickwood family says that they've made investments on the land, such as paying their property taxes, and making a loan to the Belize Bank.

Tunkie Caught With A Toke
On Sunday, police searched a yard at #1 Faber's Road where they found 161 grams of cannabis tucked between the fence and another 0.6 grammes in the house. The residents, 23 year old Cardinal Welch, known as Tunkie was taken to court today along with his 23 year old girlfriend Shenel Brown. They were charged for drug trafficking the 161 grammes and drug possession of the .6 grammes. The couple pleaded not guilty to drug trafficking and guilty to possession of a controlled drug. They were ordered to pay a fine of $250 each and offered bail of $3,000 for drug trafficking.

Teenager Arrested For Shooting Mechanic
One week ago, we reported on a late evening shooting in the Lake Independence area where 30 year old mechanic Denton Flowers was shot. Fortunately, he was only grazed but police were quick to make an arrest. Today Nineteen year old Keithon Arana, a maintenance worker of Lavender Street, was arraigned for the shooting. He was charged with grievous harm and abetment to grievous harm. Arana pled not guilty to the charges. But because a firearm was involved, he was denied bail and remanded into custody until February 28, 2014. Flowers told police that he was getting unto his bicycle at his house when two persons rode up on one bicycle and the one on the handlebar fired several shots at him. One of the bullets struck him in his right leg.

Police Stop Cyclist Without Helmet, Discover Motorbike Stolen
A woman who was stopped for riding a motorbike without a helmet - ended up being charged for riding a stolen motorbike! At 1:30 am, on Saturday morning, police saw 22 year old Felicia Richardson a domestic worker of Far West Street, driving a Meilun motor scooter on East Canal without a helmet. Police stopped her and noted that the scooter matched the description of one that had been reported stolen 10 days earlier on December 18th form a home on the same East Canal. The bike is valued at $1,749 and today in court she was charged for handling stolen goods. Richardson pled not guilty to the charge and was offered a bail of $2,000 and her case was adjourned until March 3, 2014.

Daring Spanish Sailor Arrives In Belize
If you've studied European history, you'll know the name of the 16th century explorer Vasco Nunez De Balboa. Now, five centuries later progressive thought in the America's may cast him as just another one of those old pirates who came to rob native people's, but one modern day Spanish sailor is hoping to create a more positive association for the Balboa name. If you've studied European history, you'll know the name of the 16th century explorer Vasco Nunez De Balboa. Now progressive through in the America's may cast him as just another one of those old pirates who came to rob native peoples, but one Spanish sailor is hoping to create a more positive association for the Balboa name. Alvaro de Marichalar is going from US to Panama where he hopes to do as Balboa did in the 1500's - when he became the first European to set foot in the pacific ocean - which is on the Western coast of the Panama isthmus. That journey is being done world record style - on water scooter and Alvaro arrived in Belize on Sunday - from Havana Cuba. That's a lot of miles - and he did it all standing up. 7news was there to meet him:

BEL Backs Off On Rate Objection
On Friday night we told you about the press release from Belize Electricity Limited weighing in on the proposed new light rates proposed by Public Utilities Commission. A release said, quote, "(BEL) is objecting to the proposed tariff basket, which would further erode BEL's operating margins." The release adds, "This would significantly impact the Company's ability to finance its operations and the quality of service delivered to customers." Well today the company seemed to backpedal somewhat from that objection and dire prognostication. A senior manager told us that they just had to run the figures on the new rate structure - and everything should work out alright. Here's how he put it:... Sean Fuller, Senior Manager BEL - Information and Communication Systems/Customer Care "We will be able to operate efficiently throughout the year with these new rates in place. We are happy to know that consumers will be able to enjoy at least 4 cents per kilowatt hour reduction in their electricity bills." The new rates take effect on January first, 2014.

Channel 5

Chetumal Street property in dispute: lease is cancelled and given to family of former Lands C.E.O.
Land disputes are featured regularly in our newscast but tonight there is one that strikes pretty close to home at the Ministry of Natural Resources. It involves prime real estate [...]

A murder in the city, does it involve the gangs?
The murder count was down during the year in Belize City but 2013 is ending violently and it is suspected that gang violence has sparked up, resulting in the latest [...]

A third attempt at the life of Ryan “Cash” Bennett
  Three years ago, on July fifteenth 2010, twenty-four year old Ryan “Cash” Bennett, who also goes by the name Roy Felix, was shot at the corner of Faber’s Road [...]

Desperate search for a missing Canadian
Sixty-four year old Brian Townsend was declared officially missing on Christmas Day. But the Police Department and residents of the community believe that he was attacked in his home at [...]

Were you better off in 2013?
And our question for tonight is: Were you better off in 2013? Yes or No. Send your comments and responses using your SMART phones to 8686 or post your vote [...]

B.E.L. and P.U.C. haggle over a one cent reduction in electricity rates
When we last reported on Belize Electricity Limited it was because there was an announcement on a reduction on electricity rates for the fiscal year, 2014. That was after B.E.L. [...]

B.E.L. says reduction will set back company by $5 Million
According to B.E.L.’s Senior Manager of Information and Communication Systems, Sean Fuller, the company supports the decision of the PUC, but it will impact operating margins.  That proposed rate reduction [...]

Still no leads in the rape of a San Ignacio resident
San Ignacio Police continue to hunt for three men wanted in connection with a rape on Boxing Day in San Ignacio. As is the case with most rape investigations where [...]

Manhunt continues in San Ignacio: Kevin manzanero and Alex Reid still at large
San Ignacio resident Fredy Lopez was brutally gunned down in front of his family on Christmas Eve, as he walked his daughter-in-law home. That sparked a massive manhunt by Police [...]

Man sentenced to 3 years for molesting a 5 year old child
A twenty-six year old man was convicted in court today for molesting a five year-old child in the city. Ian McNab appeared to be a bit disturbed but showed no [...]

19 year old charged for the shooting of Denton Flowers
A week ago, Denton Flowers was shot and police believe they have now cracked the case with the arrest of one of two suspects. For that shooting, nineteen year old [...]

Spanish adventurer makes landfall in Belize
Álvaro de Marichalar is putting off yet another adventure on which he is sailing to ten countries, from Florida, U.S.A. along the Central American coast and ending in Panama. Marichalar [...]

…his mission: an awareness Campaign to End Polio Now
The End Polio Now Campaign is being carried out by mariners and Rotarians as well as by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The campaign is designed to bring awareness [...]

The perks of studying at the Belize Medical College
Earlier this month, a group of fifty Indian nationals arrived in Belize to pursue medical studies at the Central American Health Science University.  Their entrance into the country, in the [...]

Veteran sportscaster, James Adderley recaps the weekend in sports
Good evening, I’m James Adderley and this is Sports Monday.   The final schedule in the Belikin Cup for the year 2013 found Police United in action against Paradise Freedom [...]


Police Recovers Stolen Motorcycle
A 22 year old woman who was allegedly caught by police with a stolen motorcycle was charged with handling stolen goods when she appeared today before Magistrate Dale Cayetano. She is Felicia Richardson, of Far West Street. Richardson pled not guilty to the charge. She was offered a bail of two thousand dollars and her case was adjourned until March 3, 2014. The police reported that at about 1:30 a.m. on December 28, they were on mobile patrol on East Collet Canal Street when they saw Richardson driving a black Meilun Scooter without a helmet. They said that when they intercepted the motorcycle they noticed that it resembled one that was reported stolen. As a result, they detained Richardson and took the motorcycle to the station. They reported their investigation revealed that the motorcycle was stolen from Gregorio Gutierrez, an auto mechanic of East Collet Canal Street. Gutierrez reported to the police that at about 2 p.m. on December 19, he and his wife left home to go to Princess Hotel and Casino and before they left he secured his motorcycle in his yard with chain link fence. He told police that when they returned home later that day he discovered that his motorcycle was missing. He said they motorcycle has a value of one thousand seven hundred and forty nine dollars.

Mentally Challenged Worker Fondles 5-Year-Old
Twenty-six year old Ian Mcnab, an employee of Salvation Army who appeared to be mentally challenged, was sentenced to three years today by Magistrate Dale Cayetano after he pled guilty to aggravated assault of an indecent nature on a female child five years old. The father of the child reported to the police that at about 3:30 p.m. on December 23, his daughter was outside playing when Mcnab stopped by and put his hand into her black shorts and fondled her. He said Macnab ran when Mcnab saw him approaching. Mcnab was later apprehended by the police and charged. When Magistrate Cayetano asked Mcnab if he had anything to say before sentence is passed, Mcnab muttered something incoherent and appeared as if he did not understand. Members of Mcnab’s family say he was a student of Stella Maris School he needs to be evaluated by a psychiatrist.

Police Finds Drugs in Couple’s Home
A common-law couple, 23 year old Cardinal Welch and 23 year old Shenel Brown, were charged with drug trafficking and possession of a controlled drug when they appeared today before Magistrate Dale Cayetano. They pled not guilty to drug trafficking but guilty to possession of a controlled drug. They were ordered to pay a fine of 250 dollars each by February 28, 2014. If they default on payment they will serve six months. For the charge of drug trafficking they were each offered a bail of $3,000 and their case was adjourned until February 25, 2014. The bust occurred yesterday. Acting on information they received, the police went to the couple’s residence on Faber’s Road and executed a search. The police reported that when they searched the yard they found a black plastic bag containing 161 grams of cannabis. The police also reported that when they searched the house they found point six grams of cannabis in a white hand bag.

Teenager Remanded to Central Prison Following Shooting Incident
Nineteen year old Keithon Arana, a maintenance worker of Lavender Street, became an inmate of Belize Central Prison today when he appeared before Magistrate Dale Cayetano and was arraigned on charges of grievous harm and abetment to grievous harm. Arana pled not guilty to the charges. He was denied bail and was remanded into custody until February 28 because a firearm was involved. The incident occurred around 5:55 p.m. on December 23. The complainant, 30 year old Denton Flowers reported to the police that he was at home and was about to get on his bicycle when two persons approached him riding on one bicycle. Flowers said the person on the handlebar fired several shots at him and one of the bullets struck him in his right leg. He identified Arana as the person who was pedaling the bicycle. The police say they are still searching for the shooter. Flowers was admitted to ward at KHMH where his condition is reported to be stable.


Massive Turnout at First Annual Harlem Toy Drive
A small community in Dangriga, saw a major outpour of support for a local Christmas toy drive. The first annual Harlem Toy Drive was organized and hosted by past and present young residents of the Harlem area. It was held an on December 31st, and saw a turnout of...

Another Body Found Floating
And another body was found floating . The body of 67 year old Arturo Alvarez of Punta Gorda Town, was found in the Caribbean Sea, about three feet from shore. Initial investigations revealed that at about 8pm on December 27th, Alvarez left home to an unknown destination. It is...

Alcohol Drinking Kills Two More Victims
Excessive alcohol drinking is believed to have led to the sudden death of two men. The incidents are isolated; one occurred in Cayo and the other in Toledo. On Christmas Day, 31 year old Giovanni August, who resides along the George Price Highway, visited his mother’s home in San...

Accused of Molesting a Child Sentenced to Jail
A 26-year-old man convicted himself in court today after he was accused of molesting a 5-year-old child in the city. Ian McNab, who was unrepresented in court, appeared to be a bit disturbed but showed no remorse and had nothing to say on his behalf only that he was...

Another Cyclist Knocked Bown from Bike
On Christmas Eve in San Joaquin, 22 year old Armin Rodriguez of Calcutta was knocked off his beach cruiser bicycle while riding on the left side of the Philip Goldson Highway from Libertad toward Corozal Town, between miles 79 and 80. This happened after he made a U-turn across...

Two More Accidents Thicken the List of Tragedies
There were two other accidents. In the very early morning of Christmas, four police officers from Belmopan attached to the Special Patrol Unit were driving up from Belize City when they came upon a blue Toyota van off the left side of the George Price Highway facing Hattieville, apparently...

Massive Accident Kills Four on Philip Goldson Highway
The Christmas holidays were relatively quiet in terms of violence, but there was no shortage of vehicular violence on the nation’s highways. In the span of less than 16 hours between Christmas Eve night and Christmas afternoon, there were three accidents on the Philip Goldson and George Price Highways,...

Search Continues for Missing Canadian National
The search continues for a Canadian national who has been missing since Christmas Eve. 64 year old Brian Townsend is a popular missionary who has been residing in the Valley of Peace area since 2001. Townsend is known to have contributed significantly to the community, lending a hand to...

Leon Smith Murdered at Aunt’s Home
With news of a 50% reduction in murders in Belize City this year, many residents may be forgiven for breathing a sigh of relief. Unfortunately, there is, hopefully, one last flare up of violence to report on the Belize City streets for 2013. Around 7:30 on Sunday night, December...

Police Advice to the Public
Since the weekend, we have been reporting on a number of crimes but Belize has had a relatively good year in relation to the crime rate. Over the past few years, the crime rate has spiked somewhat around the Christmas season and the police say they have taken extra...