Gee Mike now your making this personal. I've said my peace. I'm sure I've pointed out to cooler heads here not to to take knee jerk statements about how dredging is killing the reef at face value. There is far more turbidity caused near the island by natural causes than any dredging (hand or power) could come close to. Check the beach on a windy day, particularly back side in a norther. Turbidity affecting coral is a non issue in this case. If you can refute that call the authorities.
The only case for dredging nearby being detrimental to the ecosystem would be in the actual seabed dredged. As I've said this is minor, renewable and if done wisely could have certain positives. Fisherman speak anecdotally of increased catches at dredge sites. The split could be made navigable to deeper draft vessels. Hell we could have a marina for deep draft visiting cruisers. I never hear your complaints with the far larger dredging frontside for beach renewal.