More from Belmopan...

That rain area approaching central / southern Belize this morning, has been slowing down and now appears to be be backing off slightly.

I suspect due to the significant SW wind we are experiencing over Belmopan now.

More rain areas have been developing further out in the Caribbean and moving towards Mexico, but these have been breaking up as they move.

This is all associated with that dispersing cold front we had yesterday.

So it is looking as if little or no rain today, although we have been experiencing very light rain and drizzle, which is not showing up on the Radar.

I do not expect tonight, to be as cold as last night.

You should be aware that the apparent Rain movement, is not necessarily the same direction as the actual Wind. Because the surface wind and high up winds can be in different directions. . . .

And the causes of Rain, might be a function of other things, so not necessary tied to the actual wind. But caused by temperatures, heat radiation from sea or land, or Sun.

Which is why we more often see rain over the sea and coastal regions. . . .At other times, over the mountains