“In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun. You find the fun and -SNAP- the job is a game.” This quote by Mary Poppins is exemplified by a businessman of San Pedro who buries himself into his profession in mind, body and spirit. The motto of his business firm is “Do It Best” and that is exactly how he lives his life, manages products and services, and deals with customers and the community. It is because of this and more that Ambergris Today is pleased to announce and honor Mr. Alfonso Castillo as the Person of the Year 2013.

Mr. Alfonso Castillo epitomizes a role model family man - father and husband, leading the way in their moral, social, educational and emotional upbringing. Obviously he leads the way not in words but in his actions and to see his entire family anchored in success and in family unity indicates that he is doing a formidable job in their upbringing.

The name Castillo’s Hardware is synonymous with Mr. Castillo and that is because whenever you enter this reputable store, the first person you see is Mr. Castillo greeting you warmly. And likewise the last person you will see is the same Mr. Castillo thanking you for patronizing his business. He is one of the very few Sanpedrano businessmen, if not the only one, who is at the forefront of the business rather than locked up in an air conditioned office and out of reach with the customers. Indeed he is proprietor, manager, greeter, customer service and public relations- all ingredients of success.

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