I find this so sad, people change, young people want to change the world, sad thing is most of them are not smart enough to make the right decision on what wars to fight. How many of us have children that are now in their 30s and 40s, can you not remember what battles they were fighting in their 20s, can you not remember bad choices you made? Do you think you should go do community service for what you did while you were maturing. We dont really mature some of us until our 30s, and those that have been brainwashed in their rearing can take longer. The world was a different place back then.
In 1965 I was diving with all my friends with hatchets chopping off coral heads for our Grandmas, I set fire to an orange grove when I was 10, poisoned some fish when I was 16, went on to use not so legal substances until I was about 30. Surly not as drastic as Mr. Bill but its been 30 yrs. Find some recent shit on the poor bastard and then demand community service. I am sure he has been through more hell than any of us. You can knock Ernie, what about Marty?