Hello all.
It is a pleasure to participate in this forum.

I am trying to look for an artist who lives in Belize.

His name is Walter Castillo, pretty sure you are all familiar with this name.

Now, before you say "there was a topic on this subject already", yeah, I did read it and was unable to respond, probably due to inactivity since 2007. smile

And also I am not trying to somehow hijack his privacy.

This is one of those rare cases when a really good friend is looking for his other friend after many years of being apart.

Please do you good deed of the day and let him know I am looking for him! laugh

I am Russian. I know him from Portugal. He would know straight away who you are talking about. He would be very excited too. smile

Thank you, beautiful and lucky people of Belize!

Happy New Year to all.

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