As someone who has personally known Bill for over 20 years I want to add my point of view on this.

I met Bill not long after I arrived on the island and over the years would always say hi and later I was involved more closely with him after renting his pier and dive shop.

I have to say in all those 20 years I NEVER ONCE heard Bill say or do anything that would indicate he was a racist, now I am not saying that he was not in his early life but since I have known him he is a changed man and what is in the past should remain there because people ARE ALLOWED to see the error in their ways and CHANGE.

Bill has been living in San Pedro for as long as I can remember he has been a respected, peaceful member of the community FOR DECADES but now his past has come to haunt him and to me we all make mistakes and I give Bill credit for changing and turning his life around to a positive and leaving his past behind him.

If he was still a racist he could never of lived peacefully in Belize for close to 30 years now could he.

I think Bill should be left alone to live the rest of his days on the island and country he obviously cares about and for those trying to harass him you really don't have a case because any normal person who knows Bill can see Bill is not the guy he was in the 80's

Gaz Cooper

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