Does anyone know of anyone or any information that could aide in finding decently priced rentals? confused confused
(We have to find a place by Friday, looking for 2 month rental.)

Any phone number, email, or location would be greatly appreciated

Here is my first post for specifics;

"Hello heart
I am currently on A.C, we flew down January 1st and the place someone "saved" for us fell through, we now are staying with a friend for a very short time, but we really need help as we have had no luck at all finding places. All I can find is long term, but we need short term, 2 months, we are leaving March 31st.

Here are the few things we are looking for,
I have a small, (very clean and well behaved) dog, so we need something pet friendly. Hot and cold water, 1 bathroom works, (a kitchen would be ideal but not a must have), 1 (or 2) bedroom or an apartment, either/or, but we are looking for something that costs anywhere from $500/U.S a month to $1000/U.S a month, (and I could manage to pay more than that, like $1200/U.S or more, if we happen to find one totally worth it).
Also, because of the unfortunate fact that our second dog was hit and killed (by a taxi driver) earlier this month, we would not like a place in town.

Any serious inquiries please feel free to send me a private message"

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