Ministry Of Health Says H1N1 Cases Not Increasing

A number of persons - reportedly as many as five - remain hospitalized at the KHMH with acute respiratory distress - and are under observation for h1n1. But the Ministry of Health today sent out a release saying, quote, "As of Monday January 20th 2014, there are three confirmed cases of H1N1 Influenza A in Belize. Five other samples that have tested positive for Influenza A have been sent on to CARPHA in Trinidad for further testing and confirmation."

The release then clearly states, "Neither H1N1 nor any other Influenza A strain have been linked or involved with any of the severe respiratory cases that are presently hospitalized."

The release says that The Ministry continues to monitor the situation of flu-like illnesses across the country.

As we have reported, Belize recorded its first h1n1 death on January 6th, when 29 year old Shahera Bodden died from what appears to be an especially virulent strain of the virus.

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