Kill Or Be Killed For Man Who Shoots Robber Dead

Last night in San Pedro, it was killed or be killed for 24 year old, Kirian Azueta.

3 men tried to rob him at his gate when he got home. But Azueta, dodged a bullet from one of the assailants and then made a split second decision, drew his weapon, and fired back at the men. He ended up killing one of them. Today, 7News went to the island, and Daniel Ortiz found out more:

Daniel Ortiz reporting
This house on Marina Drive on San Pedro Town was the scene of a failed armed robbery which ended when the would be victim pulled his licensed weapon and shot at men who ambushed him in the dark and secluded area.

Supt. Luis Castellanos, O/C - San Pedro
"Last night about 10:30pm which would have been the 19th January, 2014 - Kirian Azueta, 24 years old accountant of Marina Drive of san Pedro Town reported that whilst he was going to his residence, once he gotten out of his gulf cart and open his gate, 3 persons approach him and they held him up and in the process one of the robbers fired a shot and he responded and fired several shots as well."

The gunman nearly shot Azueta in the face, and when he saw how serious these 3 men were, he pulled his licensed firearm and shot at them.

Residents in the area say that they heard a single shot, then about 7 more. Azueta thought the men ran off; he didn't know that he had killed one of them.

That man, 24 year-old Michael Wallace, was found in the bushes on this rubble pile.

It was the same man who shot at him in the Texas Cash Hoodie, with the green bandana over his face

Supt. Luis Castellanos, O/C - San Pedro
"This morning ar about 8am we were called to the scene again that the body of a person was lying right beside the residence of the gentleman and as such we responded to and we recovered the dead body of a person by the name of Michael Wallace, date of birth 12/3/89 unemployed of San Juan area of San Pedro Town. He was seen suffering from some gunshot wounds to the chest and based on the description that the gentleman gave to us matches the description of the same person he alleges to have robbed him or attempted to rob him last night."

"From the person we retrieve from the scene, we found a 9mm on the crime scene which was right beside the person who as deceased. The deceased is not the holder of a firearm license; so far we are treating it as an unlicensed firearm."

So, with the positive description, and the weapon that was recovered, all evidence points to Michael Wallace as the armed robber who Azueta shot in self-defense.

Police also say that Azueta's house was burglarized, and so they believe, that since these men made the attempt robbery, they are also the burglars.

Supt. Luis Castellanos, O/C - San Pedro
"We discovered this morning that apparently the residence was burglarized, so we are taking it that the investigation is a burglary/robbery. We believe that like I said the gentleman is the owner of a license firearm, so it could be that we are speculating that they went for his firearm and we are investigating if that may also be the case."

San Pedro Police say that at this time, Kirian Azueta is not being detained. 7News understands that this is the second time that robbers have held him up. Today, we attempted to speak with Michael Wallace's family, but they declined any interviews.

We note that this is the second apparent self defence killing on the island in four weeks. In December, 21 year old Ajlan Requena was killed by a Chinese Grocer.

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