Hey everybody!
My SO and I have been considering the move to Belize for about a year now, and have finally decided that it's time! Early to late spring is our goal.
A little about us:
We are a younger couple with a good enough income. We own an internet business based in US so working in Belize will not be an issue. We have 1 large dog who will be coming with us. My boyfriend lived on AC a couple years ago, and we visited the island together last year on vacation and I completely fell in love with it.
The only concerns I have are finding a place to live, and getting our dog into the country. As far as I've read, you only have to have the proper paperwork provided by the airport, filled out by your vet, but the webpage I read was quite old.

My first question is: Is there any type of quarantine required for dogs brought onto the island?

My second question is: What is the best way to go about finding a place to rent? We've looked on any website we could find, and emailed rental property owners and haven't gotten great responses. Maybe the info on the websites are out of date or there just aren't that many rentals listed online? Is it just something where you have to come down and stay in a hotel until you find a place? (Okay that was more like 4 questions)

We're hoping to find a large 1 bed. or 2 bed. dog friendly place, not too close and not too far from town. If anyone hears of anything, please give me a shout! We're very serious about moving soon, and would love to find our place.