Here is what you will need to get your dog in:

1. a current rabies vaccination more than 30 days old.

2. a health certificate issued within 10 days of flying in. You do not need an international certificate. Just an ordinary one from a legitimate veterinarian.

3. an import permit or a pet passport which can be arranged by email from Jerlyn Tucker or others at BAHA. (just google BAHA) You can pay for this document when you arrive at the airport and the dog is inspected by a BAHA agent. No appointment or anything like that, they are at the airport 7 days a week when flights are arriving. No overtime but there is a fee. I think it is 25bz for the inspection but I can't remember. The import permit also has a fee. If the dog flies in as cargo you will have to pay customs on the waybill air freight charge. No quarantine.

If you need further info pm me and I'll walk you through it. I've done it every year at least once for the last 5.

As far as LT rentals, you need to talk to a Realtor or ask around town. I know of one young couple (with a dog) that managed to get a LT rental near me to start their new life. I didn't ask what it costs and I suspect prices vary greatly depending on what you need and can afford. I don't think you will have great difficulties.

Good luck

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