I don't know of any places to rent on AC but my tip about bringing pets in to the country is that it's hard to do the whole thing by email (especially initial contact). It's worth the investment of an international phone call to ring up BAHA and talk to Melody about the process. She'll walk you right through it.

Also, their process is to forward your documents to the BAHA office at the airport which is fine but make sure she faxes or emails a copy to you also because they don't always make it to the airport office and it will be a pain in the neck and extra money to arrive and have no permit. Bring triplicate copies of everything (the BAHA permit, the health certificate and the vaccine record) because sometimes the airlines also want a copy.

Also, the BAHA office at the airport closes at 3PM so make sure the flight you schedule arrives in time to catch them.

Make friends with Melody. She's the ticket.

And good luck!