The features of rentals on this island vary dramatically, as do prices. Some are luxurious by North American standards. Some have outdoor toilets and rooms in which to bathe with a bucket. Many have only cool running water. Most have electricity. Some have intact window screens. Some have many appliances, some none. Some are more secure from intruders. Some are noisy. Some are barely bigger than a bed; some huge. For me, it's been helpful to think about what features I really value now.

Email & websites are not how most folks I know here get information. People like to talk with each other. Most people I know ask around, face to face, to find a new home. I rented a golf cart for one day, and my friends used it to find where I'm living now and to move me in. Then we circled for fun.

There are some less expensive hotels, like Ruby's & Pedro's (hotel & hostel). I don't know who takes dogs.

Good luck!