Kelly McGuire Packs Fidoís: SUPER Fun Crowd Dances & Sings for Three Hours
Iíve written about Texas artist, Kelly McGuire a few times in my blog. He is now visiting San Pedro 2 Ė 3 times a year and February is his biggest set of shows. 1. Because itís one of the busiest months on the island. Just look at the crowd that he drew last nightÖ

And 2. because itís his BIRTHDAY and he always does a big birthday bash on Ambergris Caye.

I arrived early for the 6pm show. A good 15 minutes early (which in Belize is like arriving the day before) and saw Kelly unloading his equipment from a taxi. This guy needs roadies!

I caught up with Kelly and Brian, the General Manager of Fidoís, while they were setting up.

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